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Paul Filewood,

My name is Paul Filewood, I have been a keen entomologist and naturalist, and spent a long time working with the Queensland Museum, where I have taken part in several expeditions collecting wildlife, insects and other specimens.

One day when I was collecting, I returned back to camp when one of the Curators said here comes the Thargomindah Man. I asked him why he called me that. He said because I was such a good collector and knew the bush so well, and I would come back from collecting so dirty, he thought I looked part white and black man which reminded him of a man he met at Thargomindah. This name has stuck with me today!

We are selling DVD and CD roms to the general public, schools for science, public libraries, and overseas.

Common Australian Spiders

Our first DVD show's you sixteen Common Australian Spiders which are found in most peoples back yards, from ground dwellers to web weavers, how poisonous they are, and where they are located in Australia.

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